Our Company specializes in the rehabilitation of the following types reinforced concrete structures:

  • Fast Track Selective Hydrodemolition
  • Horizontal Deep Concrete Removal on Bridge Decks, Parking Structures, Military & Marine Piers below the top mat of reinforcing.
  • Tunnel Rehabilitation
  • Dam Renovation
  • Power Plant Preservation
  • Industrial Plant Preservation
  • Pier Rehabilitation
  • Vertical Hydrodemolition
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Partial or Full Depth Concrete Removal (Patches)
  • Bridge Deck Edge Removals, Slotting, Expansion and Joint Removals
  • Columns
  • Parking Structure Renovation

We understand what is important to concrete repair contractors. Bridge deck repair is necessary to keep our nation’s roadway system in service. We have developed the Fast Track Selective Hydrodemolition Bridge Deck Overlay Method, which is used by many Highway Departments and Contractors, as the fastest and longest maintenance free construction method to repair and preserve bridge decks. The service life of bridge decks are extended by 25-30 years when this method is used with minimum disruption to traffic.

Owner Benefits

The major #1 risk to an owner when putting out a bid for a bridge deck preservation or rehabilitation project are variable quantities.
Variable quantities cause all sorts of problems such as:

  • Uncontrollable costs
  • Extended time of completion
  • More money required to complete
  • Change orders
  • Litigation
  • Contractors not bidding apples to apples
  • Unbalancing of bids, etc.

Basically performing work totally out of control in terms of problems and money.

The benefit to owner or consultants using Fast Track Selective Hydrodemolition is the ability to eliminate or reduce variable quantities.

For more information, please call Edward Liberati, PE at 502.693.3253 or emailing him at eliberati@hughesgrp.com.

Other Owner Benefits of using Fast Track Selective Hydrodemolition to prepare bridge decks are:

  • High quality – long term structure relief.
  • No dust.
  • No vibration.
  • No bond interface damage.
  • No micro cracking.
  • Removes unsound concrete or identifies where more work is required.
  • Highly rough and bondable surface for placement of concrete overlay.
  • Highly rough and bondable surface for placement of concrete overlay.
  • No impact tools that create further damage to bridge additional costs. No bond interface damage.
  • Chain dragging is not required by owner or contractor to locate unsound concrete.
  • Owner and contractor are not required to measure variable areas.
  • Reduction in job administrative costs for owner and contractor. Hydrodemolition unit replaces 60 laborers on jackhammers. The labor is gone!
  • No variable quantities. (there are fixed costs variable quantities)
  • Reduction in certified payroll.
  • Reduction in worker’s compensation claims.
  • Improvement in safety.
  • Savings for local businesses due to fast completion on contrast to be completed with Jackhammers.

With jackhammers, labor and variable quantities, the owner receives the exact opposite of the 17 listed benefits above.

NOTE: There is no such thing as pour ready when using Deep Hydrodemolition. As soon as the surface dries there is a concrete dust, which can be a bond breaker. After Deep Hydrodemolition, the surface must be sandblasted or water blasted with 7,500 PSI capability to remove all laitance before the new concrete overlay is installed.

With Deep Hydrodemolition below the top mat of reinforcing steel an owner can experience the following:

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