Largest Fast Track Selective Hydrodemolition project ever performed in Ohio.

Even with the Coronavirus gripping the country, it has not deterred the transportation industry from charging on. Bridge deck rehabilitation is a big part of that, as preservation has been deemed an “essential” task to keep the economy going. Highway and bridge workers are on the front lines making that happen for the traveling public. These workers are producing high quality work and maintaining the utmost safety standards ever during this crisis.

Hydrodemolition Bridge Deck Surface Preparation work is currently underway on phase 1 of the Toledo Skyway Bridge. The job started in late March 2020 and is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021. The hydrodemolition work in Toledo is one of the largest ever hydrodemolition jobs administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Kokosing Construction Co. is the general contractor and Hydro-Technologies, Inc. is the subcontractor performing the hydrodemolition work.

The work includes a combination of surface milling and 3/4” Fast Track Hydrodemolition to prepare the deck surface for a new 1-3/4” concrete inlay. The total surface area of hydrodemolition and concrete inlay is 137,000 square yards. Hydro-Technologies, Inc. is utilizing two hydrodemolition robots in order to minimize the work shifts on the tightly scheduled project.

One of the unique aspects of this job is the care needed to insure the post-tensioning ducts in the bridge deck are not damaged during the concrete removal and preparation process. That makes the Fast Track method of hydrodemolition very well-suited for this project. Hydrodemolition also does the work dust free and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The rough and bondable surface and the selective removal of deteriorated concrete from the bridge deck achieved by the hydrodemolition operation will help create a long term, monolithic bond of the existing deck concrete to the new inlay concrete. This high strength bond and new concrete deck inlay will protect the Toledo Skyway Bridge for many, many years.

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