Hydro-Technologies saves Sea World both Time and Money

During construction of a river raft adventure ride in 2018, an incorrect elevation was poured on the reinforced concrete channel bottom of a man-made river. Construction was halted while a corrective solution was established. The opening date for the ride, already announced to the public, was now in jeopardy. Sea World quickly made the decision to utilize Hydro-Technologies, Inc. and their 40+ years of experience to remove the newly placed reinforced concrete below the required elevations (6” – 9” depths) so a new concrete overlay could be placed to the correct elevation on the remaining channel footer. This decision would save the project both time and thousands of dollars when compared to the option of removing and replacing the entire concrete channel footer to the correct elevations.  

By using hydrodemolition:  

  • There were no micro-cracks left in remaining concrete. 
  • A highly rough & bondable surface was provided for the new concrete overlay.  
  • The existing reinforcing steel was able to be modified and reused.  
  • The work was done fast and cost effective. 
  • Noise levels of the equipment did not exceed 90 decibels which prevented disturbances to the marine animals living in the park.  

(Note – the alternate option of using pneumatic hammer removals for the demolition work would not provide any of the above benefits.)                 

The river raft adventure ride project was back on track in just two weeks. Other work proceeded in conjunction with the hydrodemolition work being performed. The final repairs were constructed in a high-quality manner which provided the owner with a long-term service life.  The ride opened on time. Today, the river raft adventure ride carries hundreds of guests daily on a safe but thrilling adventure. Once again hydrodemolition is proven to save owners time, money and to provide “High-Quality” results.    

For additional information on hydrodemolition, please call Ed Liberati, PE at (502)693-3253.