In spring of 2022, Hydro-Technologies, Inc. (HTI) was contacted to help repair a concrete slab inside a warehouse located in Franklin, KY. Portions of this recently constructed slab were made with concrete mix that was out of specification andwas already showing signs of failure. HTI was contracted to remove this damaged concrete, while leaving all existing reinforcing steel in place.

One of the unique aspects of this project that the slab in need of repair was located within a pit in the warehouse. A small crane was used to lower the hydrodemolition robot down into the pit, and fall protection was erected to ensure the safety of all onsite workers and inspectors.

It is always challenging working in an enclosed space, and extra care must be taken to ensure the safety of any onsite personnel and adjacent structures. HTI exhibited due diligence to protect all glass, utilities, and other structures located near the work area. It was also important to ensure that the area was properly ventilated, and diesel fumes would not build up and become a risk to the workers.


Another unique element of this project was the depth of removal. Hydrodemolition was used to remove over 3 feet of material from the entire slab. The high-pressure water jet from the hydrodemolition robot was able to remove this concrete, while leaving all existing rebar in place to be reused when the slab is poured back.

Due to the large depth of removal and working in a pit, proper water and debris cleanup was vital so that the cut could be properly inspected to ensure all deteriorated concrete was being removed.

Hydrodemolition was the preferred method of removal for this project for several reasons. Hydrodemolition has a much higher rate of removal than conventional methods such as jackhammers. It is also the method that will not damage any of the existing reinforcing steel in the slab, saving in both time and money compared to cutting and replacing the existing rebar. Finally, hydrodemolition can selectively remove only the bad concrete in the slab, leaving all sound material in place.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why Contractors trust hydrodemolition for a fast, cost- effective, and long term repair for concrete surfaces. For additional information on this project or on the many uses for hydrodemolition, please contact Blake Liberati at (614) 561-0212, or